November Young Writers Update!

Hello! And Welcome to the monthly update of the young writers club!
In this report I will tell you what we are planning to do for this month and
Maybe some other later reviews we plan on.
Firstly, The Doctor Who 50thAnniversary is confirmed. A fellow reviewer, Sam Hargrave is going to London to attend the 50thanniversary convention. In other news, we are definitely reviewing this year’s school play! (Schools Will Rock You) by Mrs McAllister who is now licenced to do the play.
 Now, let’s talk about some stories that are coming out. Firstly, The V8 supercar race by Kieran Turnbull that he has been working on for quite a while now and we are all excited to see what this is about. Secondly the Christmas stories are already being created! My Friend, Freddie Watts (who did fairy tales from the future with me) is creating a Christmas story but it is not yet named. It is due to be published nearer Christmas. In other news Jamie Gilmour & Kieran Turnbull are joining the Reviewing team! They say this: “Because I want to review all of my video games at home” and also “Because I am bored of reviewing sports because it’s not very exciting and I only like football”. Now for the Mysterious side of the stories: Sam Hargrave is going to do a trilogy of Sherlock Holmes Short Stories over the time of January – March.
In other news, More People Have Been Joining Writing Club! There are still some spaces left for Sports Review, Reviews and The Book Reviews. Sadly Creative Writing is currently very full.
That’s All For this Month’s Young Writers Update!
Make Sure to Check all of these when they come out!
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Toby Smith