November Reviews

This month’s theme: Scottish authors
Title:  Ferryman
Author: Claire McFall
Summary:Dylan is involved in a train crash in the Scottish countryside and dies on impact.  She is the only one to walk away. 
Her guide to the wilderness between life and the afterlife is Tristan, personally tailored to be her ideal companion and guardian against those who would harm her in the wilds.  But when the one she wants to spend her life with is the one guiding her through her death, how could she want to leave?
Opinion: Far from the typical Young Adult heroine-meets-boy-and-life-is-changed-forever, this book is set in the afterlife but easily and realistically portrays the themes of coming of age and choosing your own fate.  It is original, fast paced and rooted in mythology which gives the story a fairy tale twist.
Recommend: This book is suited for Young Adult readers who enjoy supernatural settings, star-crossed romance, strong female characters and plot twists.
Rating:  **** out of *****
Reviewed by Caitlin Wright
Title:  Kidnapped
Author:  Robert Loius Stevenson
Summary: When David Balfour’s parents die, the minister sends him to stay with his uncle Ebenezer at the House of Shaws.  During the two day walk, he meets a mysterious old woman who claims to have cursed the House of Shaws, and suddenly everything changes.
Opinion:  I enjoyed reading the book and I feel it has been written exceptionally well.
Recommend:  I would recommend this book to older children who are interested in historical books.
Rating: **** out of *****
Reviewed by Laura Day


Caitlin Wright and Laura Day