Interhouse Basketball

Cademuir conquered the court in the first year basketball with Dunrig stealing second place from under Meldon's feet in this closely contested competition. With over 60 S1 students turning up to do their house proud it was a great way to start the New Year’s Interhouse competition.
Cademuir collected gold again in the second years basketball competition, with Meldon in bronze and during in silver. Will Meldon ever get their flag colour in this closely contested competition? Well done to all 52 second years that played for their house.
Meldon finally came back from the ashes last Wednesday in the S3 mixed basketball with Cademuir in second and Dunrig in last. This competition was closely contested and included two injuries ending up with one student lying on the ground for more than five minutes. Meldon have finally brought Cademuir's reign to a hault.



Ashley Smith