GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City as a game you need to buy from the app store on your mobile device. It is a game about completing missions and has lots of violence in it.
The Game:
The Game Starts off with you meeting your character, but I don’t want to spoil it for you so I will not tell you exactly what happens in the storyline, except a few bits and bobs that won’t affect your enjoyment of the game. You can do many things, like drive cars, beat people up and pick up body armour.
Getting Wanted:
If you decide to beat up random people on the street the police will come after you. (Like every GTA game) on the right hand side there are 6 stars. If at least 1 of the stars is filled, this means the police are coming after you. 2 stars means backup, 3 means helicopter and 4+ means the S.W.A.T Come after you. If you kill people you get their items (e.g. a gun and a baton from a policeman or a mini Uzi from the swat team).
Tips + Tricks:
(If you don’t want to have hints, skips to the end of the review or the next part).
1. If you want to jump from high places that you can’t get to, try jumping on top of trucks and S.W.A.T vans to get over any walls or fences.
2. Look out for uglier and less-used cars, they are much faster than the sports cars in the game.
3. At the top-right of the screen in cut scenes, there is a skip button. This will skip the cut scene you are on and you can do missions much faster.
The Final Rating:
The game is good for its age, good graphics and a ‘cool’ storyline. The game itself (GTA) has many sequels but you might not know it, for example the newest one is GTA V (GTA 5) which I will review at a later date.
In summary, it’s a good game with cool cars but mostly violence.
In the end I am going to give it


Toby Smith