Fairy tales from the future.

Have you ever wondered ‘what do you think it would be like if fairy-tales were from the futuristic view? Well now you can see a series of fairy-tales from the future! –Warning this may be a little upsetting for you so viewer discretion is advised-.
The Ugly Duckling 2.0:
One Day There was a white and blue egg… in a lighted box with glass sides. This egg began to hatch and a little grey head popped out of this white egg. This small animal shook itself and stepped out of its birth egg and looked around. The small little chick saw other lighted cases with glass walls around him. One was a really fancy case with a duck in it. This duck had a pond, food and grass plus flowers! And all this little chick had was a plain glass case. Then the chick noticed something. There on the ground was… a… a… it was a robot chicken? The little chick had no idea what was happening here and then the chicken started to speak.
‘Ah! Good morning ralph!’ he said to this confused chick.
‘Who is ralph?’ the chick replied.
‘It’s you!’ said the chicken surprisingly. ‘Now you need to be robotised please come…
The little chick followed slowly until he was taken to this gigantic room and then he was shut in the dark…
         The next thing ralph knew he was a robot… a very big chicken robot… and a very ugly one too! ‘Umm I think the process got glitched…’ said the chicken. ‘I think I will have to trash you.’ The chick looked extra surprised as he was taken to a conveyer belt. ‘How can I live?’ Ralph asked.
‘Well you have to fly!’ said the chicken and rRalph tried to fly but failed as he was taken to a fire room. The fire burned bright and Ralph was scared but then suddenly a white glow appeared and it was DUCK GOD And duck god said, ‘I will give you wings! No chick was born to die,’ and disappeared and then a gigantic white wing appeared and sat itself on Ralph’s back and Ralph flew! Ralph flew higher and higher but then he heard burning… his wings had caught fire! He tried his best to escape but he started tumbling down into the fire…
                 Charlie woke up IT WAS CHRISTMAS! He ran down the stairs and saw that he missed breakfast and it was lunch time! ‘There was no turkey’ said his dad ‘so we got this metal chick instead... enjoy!’ Charlie lifted up his fork and then…


Toby Smith & Freddie Watts