007: Bloodstone XBOX 360 Review

007 Bloodstone is a 3rd person shooter following a brand new James Bond adventure featuring Daniel Craig's interpretation of the character. But is it any good?
                Along with the game’s shooting mechanics it has a takedown control which allows you to attack enemies from close range with hand to hand combat. Each one that you do earns a focus aim which allows you to quickly shoot enemies with the game aiming at the target by itself. The Game also features driving levels which have you chasing enemies in either a car or a speed boat.
                Despite all of the amazing features the game is incredibly short and will only take you about four hours to complete with hardly any real challenge in it. If you want some much harder gameplay then attempt 007 difficulty which is much more advanced and will keep you going for around nine hours.
                The Story has Bond chasing down biochemical terrorists to exotic locations around the world. The game ends on a cliff hanger setting up a sequel which was sadly not put into production due to the producers losing the James Bond license.
                This game has an incredible voice cast including Daniel Craig as Bond. Judi Dench returning as M and Joss Stone voicing the games Bond Girl Nicole Hunter. Joss Stone also wrote the theme song called I'll Take It All which was phenomenal.
6/10: The Game had a very cinematic feel and the game mechanics were phenomenal. This game would have been even better if it was much longer.


Sam Hargrave