Speech & Language Therapist

What do you do for a living? 

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist for the deaf/Team co-ordinator.

What advice was available to you when you chose this career direction?

No advice from school.The idea came from a friend who was a nurse and she had wanted to be a Speech and Language Therapist but hadn't made the grades.

What was your journey to reach the role you are in today?

Obtained 4 highers. Applied to 3 universities to do the degree BSc in Speech Pathology and Therapy. Shadowed aSpeech and Language Therapist in her job. Wrote an essay on what I had found out about Speech Therapy and submitted it to the Universities. Had a day's interview at the universities. Obtained a place. Did the an ordinary degree in 3 years,now 4 years with honours. Got a job straight after I qualified. Then specialised in deafness and did a 3 week course with an exam in London and did some signing qulifications in BSL and Paget Gorman signing. I did some management training over 2 weeks in my job and I do regular CPD and keep an on line diary to keep my HPC and to stay a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

Talk us through a day in your life.

Check e-mails and keep my computer diary and paper diary up to date.Book in children/patients.Phone parents and schools to bookrooms.Travel to various schools and Health Centres, assess and treat children with language and speech delay/disorder using various assessments.Children might have a communication difficulty or have a disabilty- downs syndrome,autism,deafness,cleft lip and palate. Liaise and demonstrate with the parents and school staff on how they should carry out the treatment over the intervening week before you see the child/patient again.Write up assessments and treatment notes for each patient and write reports. Prepare treatment e.g. make up programmes. Attend review meetings with other professionals about certain children that you work with, give advice about the children's communication.Attend staff meetings and senior staff meetings and help make up policy documents, carry out staff appraisals and do statistics.

Was this your planned career when you were 18?


What did your parents want you to do?

Didn't mind,gave me no direction.

What advice would you give to someone interested in your career?

They must be good at English and Biology at Higher level. They need to be good communicators and be confident and outgoing.

What other career directions could you go in?

None it is quite a narrow field.