Primary School Teacher

How did you get interested in what you do? 
As a child I remember being keen to go into teaching.  At primary school I had a teacher who really inspired me and I wanted to be like her!  During 5th year at PHS I was choosing subjects and aiming my education to help me get into university to study Primary Education.  The school was helpful in that they allowed me to use a study period to go and gain experience in a local primary school and gave advice on open days and prospectuses for courses available to me. .
What was your journey to reach the role you are in today? 
As mentioned earlier, I chose my Highers to support me in my aim to be a primary teacher.  I took 4 Highers because I felt that would be what I could manage to achieve with quality grades and used my spare study periods to visit a local school.  I  visited some open days, at that time to decide my subjects for 6th year, but was told that if I achieved my expected grades there was really nothing for me to do in 6th year.  As a result I applied and gained interviews, which the school helped me to prepare for and finally secured a place at University.
My career has since followed the normal path of gaining a Bachelor of Education with Honours, probation year, temporary job and finally permanent.  To further extend myself I have recently been undertaking my Masters in Education
Talk me through a day in your life... what sorts of things would it involve?
I work with one class planning, preparing and delivering lessons which I hope will excite and enthuse the children.  There is then the assessment/marking and follow up planning to cover any issues,  I manage support staff within the classroom and work closely with colleagues. There are also meetings; both in school and with other professionals, training to improve in certain areas and of course cups of tea and chats at break and lunch with my friends and colleagues.
Was it your planned career when you were 18?
What did your mum and dad want you to do?
I was lucky in that my mum and dad were keen for me to follow the path I had chosen and they pushed me and supported me in my effort to achieve this.
What advice would you give to someone interested in your career?
Find out what the universities want in terms of grades, keep up to date with any current news about education and find some way to get practical experience as the job is a very practical one and that can really help make you stand out from the crowd
What other directions could you go in /work in within your field other than the job you have chosen?
You can advance up to Depute Head and Head Teachers, then possibly further within the council.  Also there are opportunities to be involved with education organisations if you have an interest in a particular area.
If there is anything you have not covered about your area of expertise, please feel free to add here.
I love the fact that when I am working with the children, everyday is different.  I find it exciting to investigate new ideas and gain new knowledge along with the children.