phs 200


We aim to support and enhance the effectiveness of the education of our children at Peebles High by offering a flexible and fast response from a number of parents who are task focused, offering skills, knowledge and labour to complete tasks that would otherwise require input from scarce school resources.


PHS200 are a group of task focused volunteers who offer our skills and labour to support the school to do tasks that often use up valuable resources. These tasks are often taken up by school staff. In doing so we hope to help release the staff to be able to do the work that is so valued by the students in teaching and learning. We are fast, flexible and based locally. We do anything from putting letters in envelopes to IT design work. We have no formal meetings, chairs, secretaries etc. If you have any time at all to offer (often during school hours), we would love your help.

A few of the recent things PHS200 have done:

  • An electronic database of emails has been created for staff and parents (now cheaper to do than paper and more environmentally friendly).
  • Electronic “memo” templates have been made for different e-campaign uses (making it easier for staff and office use) and an easy to use “sign up” icon created on the web to allow parents to join the electronic system in a user friendly way.
  • Analysis of the Stakeholder survey completed, excel and graphs, used to present to staff, senior managers and pupils the outcome of the research, which has led to being included in a second survey, intended to analyse in detail the five areas that have been flagged up as critical
  • Creating a calendar that meets the needs of students and parents.
  • Collated list of sporting heroes created (past and present pupils) with mounts and frames for photos
  • Working to create banners, regardingr Curriculum for excellence aimed at creating a display of the Employability skills students need to find work within the school.