Parent Council

We are a group of parents who are interested in influencing the future of the school by getting involved in developing school and Council policy by representing the views of parents to the school and to the Council.  This involves giving up a small amount of time to come along to three or four short meetings each year with the Rector and other school staff.  Even if you can’t make it along to meetings, you can still help by giving us your views on particular issues.

The Parent Council (PC) has been in existence since October 2007 and meets 4 times a year. Its membership is somewhat fluid, with probably 12-16 regular attendees - too many to list individually. The PC is also attended by school staff (the Rector and a Depute) and pupils (usually head boy and girl), and occasionally by elected members. The role of the PC is to represent the views of parents in matters relating to the education of our children and to work in partnership with the school, its pupils, parents and the local community to help every pupil maximise their potential. Recently, the PC has been concerned chiefly with:

  1. Ensuring that the school attracts sufficient parent involvement
  2. Liaising with the PTA, which operates as a standing committee of the PC
  3. Responding to continuing SBC 'parent involvement' initiatives, largely in the form of continuing guidance and also the start of a sequence of 'consultations'
  4. Responding to the impact on PHS of the cuts in education working to improve the website and other means of communication with parents
  5. Getting involved with the school in other ways such as attending pupil and senior student councils
  6. Lobbying SBC with the aim of improving the school's sports facilities
  7. the selection of the new Depute Rector and Rector.

If you'd like to join the PC, please look out for the date of our next meeting and simply come along. We are conscious of peoples' busy lives and are grateful for whatever contribution parents are able to make. Even if you are only able to come to one or two meetings a year, we'd be very pleased to see you. For information, please contact the Chair of the Parent Council, Margaret Hogg, at

Meeting Dates:

Monday, 27th March 2017
Wednesday, 10th May 2017
Tuesday, 13th June 2017