Qualifications & exams

an informative guide

Assessments and Qualifications for Students
(S3-S4 and in the new Curriculum for Excellence system)

Designed as an aid to parents in these changing times, and requested in a recent parent survey, the following information is a guide to the assessment and qualifications for students in Scotland.
Written by parents in PHS200, hopefully it provides an outline of what to expect. If parents of new students have any questions, please direct them to your child’s pastoral (guidance) teacher, who will have an overall picture of your individual child’s circumstances at Peebles High and be happy to help.
There follow a number of tables which take parents through the Curriculum for Excellence, to explain how the system works.

  • How does this affect my child? Done by year groups, this describes the qualifications available .
  • The reckoner An overview of all qualifications including further education qualifications which may be of interest to senior students and their parents. This will hopefully act as a “ready reckoner”.