PHS Uniform Update

School Uniform Update  
As you are aware, after consultation with parents, pupils and staff, there are changes to implement in our school uniform illustrated in the above picture and listed in full below.

  • Black shoes
  • White shirt or blouse and tie worn to the top button
  • PHS Blazer
  • PHS Hooded Top
  • Black sweatshirt with school crest
  • Black trousers
  • Black skirts (of a length that is appropriate for modesty to be worn with plain black opaque tights)
  • White school polo shirts for S1-S4
  • PE kit: black shorts and plain white t shirt with no logosor specific PHS PE kit from our uniform supplier
  • All hats and caps must be removed in school
  • All coats and jackets removed in class
  • Hooded tops that are not PHS specific are not permitted

The key changes are the availability of PHS Blazers and PHS Hooded tops for all students, the expectation to wear the school tie to the top button and the prohibition of branded hooded tops that are not PHS hooded tops in school. Next week at year group assemblies all students will have this message reinforced and after 20th January 2014 we will expect all students to adhere to our new Dress Code. Please note that the new items available for sale are not compulsory and for the majority of our students no change will be required to adhere.
Any pupil who is not wearing school uniform will be issued with a demerit. If a pupil accrues three or more demerits they will have privileges removed including attending school trips and social events.
The wearing of school uniform:

  • Encourages a sense of identity
  • Develops pride in the school
  • Creates an environment and work attitude which is purposeful
  • Improves school security
  • Discourages competition in clothing.

We expect the school uniform to be worn in a way that looks smart overall and in keeping with the identity and sense of pride that we are seeking to encourage.   


Tuesday, 7. January 2014 - 14:00