Message to P7 Parents and Carers from Peebles High School

Message to P7 Parents and Carers from Peebles High School.
Dear P7 Parents and Carers
Peebles High School would like to thank you for coming to the school last Monday we enjoyed meeting you all.
The children have enjoyed their two day visit here and we were delighted that the sun shone. They are a great group of young people and we would like to complement and thank our Primary Schools and their families for all the hard work in bringing them forward to this stage.
Over the next few weeks they will be saying goodbye to primary school and it is as big a transition for parents as it is for students so, with that in mind, we are eager to welcome you into our school community as soon as possible so you can feel as connected here as you felt at your Primary schools.
In order to help this transition we invite you to a Summer Fair on Saturday morning June 27th from 10-12 am at the Burgh Hall, Peebles.  We would like to welcome you all with your families, to this PTA initiative led by parents.
If you state that you are a P7 parent there will be no admission charge.  We have refreshments (during which you will be entertained by PHS music students), Tombola, Raffles etc
In addition, to help with communication, please sign up to our email database (the small white envelope icon on the front of the website) it’s really easy to do and it ensures you are included in all communication. We are on twitter and Facebook too, again links are on our website.
A wee reminder too of the parent groups that you can join and the email contacts:
Parent Council (Michael Pryor-(
PTA    (Please contact Susan MacDonald
PHS200 (Glenda Barton
200 club membership ( useful for parents unable to join groups) please RETURN  the forms you received on Monday Night either to the school office or to our coordinator Lucy Maclennan (
If you were not able to attend on Monday night don’t worry all the details are on our website. Also every family will be issued with a school calendar (that was initiated and supported by phs200) and the school will create that in hard copy for you as soon as possible in the new term. It will be on the website too. (Again the website is a Parent Council/phs200 joint venture).
The school day with times, reminders of uniform and any other questions can be answered via our website but don’t hesitate to contact us on 01721 720291.
Have a lovely summer and hope to meet as many of you again on Saturday 27th June.
Campbell Wilson


Wednesday, 24. June 2015 - 10:45