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Medical matters

We have several members of staff who are qualified first aiders. The majority of them being situated in the school office.

If a pupil feels unwell or sustains an injury at any time throughout the school day the first aider will assess/treat the nature of the complaint as necessary.

First aiders are forbidden to administer any from of pain relief in the form of tablets, unless prescribed by a GP.

If the first aider thinks it nessessary for the pupil to be sent home then the first aider will make the appropriate phone call(s) to Parent/Carers or emergency contacts.

If the pupil can be ‘treated’ in school by means of a period of rest in the first aid room, a drink of water, plaster or ice-pack etc… the pupil will then be returned to class.

Pupils with complex illness such as diabetes, epilepsy, anaphylaxis etc.. will be asked to meet with the school nurse (who is not based full-time within the school) along with the parent/carer to establish a Individual Health Care Plan which means that the school is able to hold and administer emergency medication within school.

Routine appointments are carried out by the school nurse and pupils are informed of these by a letter. Any parent/carer who wishes to be present should inform the school nurse.

Pupils with medical/dental appointments during the school day should inform the school office by telphone, email or letter prior to the appointment.

Info in emergencies

We make every effort to maintain a full educational service, but on some occasions circumstances arise which lead to disruption. Schools may be affected by, for example, severe weather, dislocation of transport, power failures or difficulties of fuel supply. In such cases we shall do all we can to let you know about the details of closure or re-opening. We shall keep in touch by using letters, school website and announcements in the press and local radio.

Inclement weather

  • The policy of Scottish Borders Council is to announce school closures on Radio Borders. (Available on air, online, on twitter and on Facebook). In the event of bad weather, please listen or check online first thing in the morning.
  • In the event of a closure during the school day, PHS will notify parents by GroupCall. (Please make sure we have an up to date mobile phone number)
  • Parents of students who travel by bus will be notified of the time the bus departs from PHS.
  • During prolonged absence caused by the weather, students are encouraged to check the school website for work and useful websites.
  • In the event of a bus cancellation due to bad weather, parents should only bring a student to school if they are also able to collect the student.

see Snow Days

Useful addresses

Springwood Road,
Peebles EH45 9HB
01721 720291


Glenn Rodger
c/o Scottish Borders Council
Council Headquarters
Newton St Boswells
T: 0300 100 1800


Information for parents

Transferring educational data about pupils

Education authorities and Scottish Government have collected data about pupils on paper forms for many years. We now work together with schools to transfer data electronically through the ScotXed programme. Thus Scottish Government has two functions: acting as a ‘hub’ for supporting data exchange within the education system in Scotland and the analysis of data for statistical purposes within Scottish Government itself.

Why do we need your data?

In order to make the best decisions about how to improve our education service, Scottish Government, education authorities and other partners such as the SQA and Careers Scotland need accurate, up-to-date data about our pupils. We are keen to help all our pupils do well in all aspects of school life and achieve better examination results. Accurate and up-to-date data allow us to:

  • plan and deliver better policies for the benefit of all pupils;
  • plan and deliver better policies for the benefit of specific groups of pupils;
  • better understand some of the factors which influence pupil attainment and achievement;
  • share good practice; and
  • target resources better.

Data policy

The ScotXed programme aims to support schools and Local Authorities by supporting the collection, processing and dissemination of statistical information required for planning, management and monitoring of Scottish education services.

A subset of this information is passed to Scottish Government for research and National Statistics publications. Education data within Scottish Government are managed effectively by secure systems and are exploited as a valuable corporate resource, subject to confidentiality restraints. As part of its data policy, Scottish Government will not publish or make publicly available any information that allows individual pupils to be identified, nor will data be used by Scottish Government to take any actions in respect of individuals. Data are held securely and no information on individual pupils can or would be published by Scottish Government.

The data collected by Scottish Government are used for statistical and research purposes only. We hope that the explanations contained on the ScotXed website will help you understand the importance of providing the information.

Your data protection rights

The collection, transfer, processing and sharing of ScotXed data are done in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). We also comply with the National Statistics Code of Practice requirements and other legislation related to safeguarding the confidentiality of data. The Data Protection Act gives you the right to know how we will use your data. This message can give only a brief description of how we use data. Fuller details of the uses of pupil data can be found on the ScotXed website (

Scottish Government works with a range of partners including HM Inspectorate of Education and the SQA. On occasion, we will make individual data available to partners and also academic institutions and organisations to carry out research and statistical analysis. In addition, we will provide our partners with information they need in order to fulfil their official responsibilities. Any sharing of data will be done under the strict control of Scottish Government, which will ensure that no individual level data will be made public as a result of the data sharing and that these data will not be used to take any actions in respect of an individual. Decisions on the sharing of data will be taken in consultation with relevant colleagues and individuals within and outwith Scottish Government.


If you have any concerns about the ScotXed data collections you can email on or write to The ScotXed Support Office, 1B, Victoria Quay, Leith, EH6 6QQ.
Alternative versions of this page are available, on request from the ScotXed Support Office, in other languages, audio tape, braille and large print.

Want more information?

Further details about ScotXed are available on the ScotXed website, which contains a section on ‘frequently asked questions’.


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