Pupil facilities

Homework and study

Homework and study are important to successful learning. It is no surprise that pupils who have good study habits and complete their homework, as well as working hard in class, go on to achieve academic success. The amount and type of homework set by teachers will vary from year to year. We expect to see all subjects set pupils homework at all stages. The work to be done at home should be worthwhile and should not be set in an unthinking way. Some exercises may be set to reinforce what has been taught in class; on other occasions pupils may benefit from guided reading, from researching materials in books, newspapers and magazines, or from being directed to watch a programme, film or play on TV etc. We remind pupils that homework need not be confined to written exercises and that they should read over notes, engage in private reading.

At present the school are piloting Show My Homework (an online homework resource) and aim to roll this out to more pupils in the coming months.

The library

Our library contains books for all reading abilities and interests (junior and senior fiction, non-fiction and reference materials) and 15 computers which are used by teachers, who bring classes in, and by students who may book PCs to use for homework and general research. These resources are only part of what we have to offer, as our less-visible resources are the provision of space to read, reflect and learn, a place to go to meet like-minded people, and access to knowledge and ideas. It’s a place where students can work independently or collaboratively, and where everyone is welcome. (Please remember, though, that the same rules apply as in classrooms, regarding the wearing of school uniform, using mobile phones, etc.) The library is also an art gallery – please come along to see our displays of class- or artwork by students!

We are on the same library management system as public libraries within the Scottish Borders, which means that we can request books from any of the school or public libraries. The library catalogue is online, and anyone can see what resources are available by following the link on the Scottish Borders Council website homepage. Newly available is a free audiobook service which allows users to download audiobooks onto any compatible device for 2 weeks – just like borrowing a book!

We have occasional author visits, speakers and lunchtime events in the library (these are advertised in the Bulletin and on posters in the school). Students ask if these events are free. Yes, they are, and all year groups are welcome.

Although the school library does not charge fines for overdue books, SBC Library and Information Services does charge an administration fee (currently £2.50) if books are more than 30 days overdue and a second overdue notice is sent. It’s therefore in your own interest if you make sure that we have up-to-date contact details for all students. If your details have changed, please let the librarian know. (This needs to be done in addition to the school office being notified if you move.)

Library users are responsible for books issued, until they have been scanned back in through the computer. Please wait, when handing books in, until the books have been scanned by the librarian. Even though there may be queues, waiting in this way is the best way to safeguard yourself.

In order to give all students a chance during the week to use library facilities, we allow break and lunchtime access to different year groups on different days. The current arrangements are:

Mondays  S5 and S6
Tuesdays S1, S5 and S6
Wednesdays S2, S5 and S6
Thursdays S3, S4, S5 and S6
Fridays S4, S5 and S6

Please note that books can be returned on any day.

This may change according to the needs of students when taking exams into consideration.


The Education Department currently has a policy of providing free transport to secondary school pupils who live more than three miles by the recognised shortest walking route from the local school. This policy is consistent with that required by law and applies to all secondary schools.

Pupils will be issued with a specific bus pass and details of where and when to meet their bus in writing. Any changes to these arrangements will also be put in writing to parents. Primary schools will inform the local authority of any P7 pupils that are eligible for bus travel to the secondary school.

Where free transport is provided it may be necessary for pupils to walk a certain distance to the vehicle pick-up-point and from the drop off point to the school in any one direction, this will not exceed the Authority’s limits. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the child behaves in a safe and acceptable manner while boarding, travelling in and alighting from the vehicle. Seat belts must be worn at all times if provided. Misbehaviour may result in your child losing the right to free transport.

Pupils are required to carry their bus pass with them at all times. If they loose or forget their pass they must come to the office for a temporary one. Lost passes are replaced at a charge to the pupil.

For more information about bus companies and contact details go to:
Or contact transport@scotborders.gov.uk
Tel 0300 100 1800

School meals

Peebles High School operates a cashless cafeteria. This means that pupils, staff and visitors have a swipe card or PIN to use for purchasing items from the cafeteria. For pupils, this takes the form of their National Entitlement Card, containing a code number and photographic identification. The card may also be used for obtaining discounts for local services. Information and application forms for free school meals may be obtained from the school office or via Customer Services at Council Offices, At Newtown St Boswells (0300 100 1800). Although application may be made at any time, it is helpful if forms are completed in April for applications which are to take effect from the beginning of the following session. A new application must be made each session. If pupils require special diets, their parents should obtain a diet sheet from their doctor or the hospital dietician and send it to the School Meals Supervisor. The Supervisor will then contact the Catering Manager at the school and the matter will be dealt with discreetly. Pupils who bring packed lunches to school may use the cafeteria to eat them.


Peebles High School places a very strong emphasis on the value of extra-curricular activities as a means of enriching the education of its pupils, particularly in developing social skills, self esteem, initiative and the ability to work as part of a team. In Peebles High School there are many opportunities for pupils to be involved in activities out with the timetabled school day. These may occur at lunchtime, at the end of the school day, or they may involve day visits or residential visits ranging from local to international scales. All extra curricular activities are provided by staff on a voluntary basis.

The following activities are an example of what is or has recently been on offer to our pupils:

Ceilidh Band Modern Studies USA visit Borders Dance Festival
Guitar Group Geography Iceland trip Netball S1-S3
Wind Band History WWI Battlefields S2/3 Munich visit
Jazz Group Local RHET farm visits Italy Rugby tour
Senior Orchestra National Trust- Grey Mares Tail visit S1 residential visit
Brass Group Edinburgh Castle trip Water sports visit to France
Choir Dynamic Earth visit Juggling Club
Flute group Comenius visits to Estonia and Germany Chess Club
String Orchestra S2 Languages Paris trip Film Club
Boys Voices Medicine and veterinary medicine trip to
Journalism newsletter team
Photography Competition Scottish Rotary Young Chef competition Enterprise event
Young Engineers Hockey S1-S6 Girls Rugby S1-S6
Dance Club Basketball club Running Club
Drama club Art Club S1-S3 Ski Club
Christmas Craft Club Paper fashion Mountain Bike club
Scuba diving in Egypt Interhouse Competition PHS Junior Masterchef
S1/S2 school of Rugby Duke of Edinburgh Ski Trip
U15 Rugby S6 Biology trip to Kindrogan Boccia Club
U16 Rugby Visit to Edinburgh college of art Edinburgh Book festival visit
First 15 Rugby Visit to Gallery of Modern Art Under 15 Canada tour for
Hockey and Rugby

Education maintenance allowance

Senior pupils who remain at school beyond the statutory leaving age of 16 may apply for an Educational Maintenance Allowance (E.M.A.). It is a means tested allowance made on a sliding scale, which takes into account family income and other circumstances. Pupils’ parents and the school draw up a learning agreement, breach of which will result in withdrawal or deferment of the allowance.