Parent Council

Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006:
School Boards were replaced in August 2007 by a new system of Parent  Councils. The Act makes provision for all parents to be members of the  Parent Forum at a school, and to have their views represented to the  school, education authority and others, through a representative Parent Council for the school.
The legislation supports parental involvement in a much wider sense than  before. It aims to help all parents to be:  

  • Involved with their child’s education and learning
  • Welcomed as active participants in the life of the school
  • Encouraged to express their views on school education generally and  work in partnership with the school

The Parent Council also has a role in the appointment of headteachers and  depute headteachers.  The headteacher and local councillors may attend all meetings as advisors  to the Parent Council and have the right to speak although, not being  members of the Parent Council, no right to vote.

PHS Parent Council    

We are a group of parents who are interested in influencing the future of the school by getting involved in developing school and Council policy by representing the views of parents to the school and to the Council.  This involves giving up a small amount of time to come along to three or four short meetings each year with the Rector and other school staff.  Even if you can’t make it along to meetings, you can still help by giving us your views on particular issues.

Contact : Michael Pryor


We are a group of parents, grandparents, carers, teachers and students who hold social and fund raising events throughout the year, as well as supporting the School with their own events such as concerts and parents’ evenings.
Please join us, even if you can only spare a few hours in the year, to help out at one of our events.

Contact: Sandra Grieve

The Scottish Parent Teacher Council is the national organisation for PTAs and PAs in Scotland and runs an independent helpline service for all parents. You can contact it by telephone on 0131-474-6199, by e-mail on or write to SPTC, Mansfield Traquair Centre, 15 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6BB.


Peebles High school is unusual to have 3 specific parent bodies , this is with the goal of allowing as many flexible opportunities to participate in the life of the school and to accommodate parents and carers who have limited time available.

We are a group of task focused volunteers who offer our skills and labour to support the school to do tasks that often use up valuable resources. These tasks are often taken up by school staff. In doing so we hope to help release the staff to be able to do the work that is so valued by the students in teaching and learning. We are fast, flexible and based locally. We do anything from putting letters in envelopes to IT design work. We have no formal meetings, chairs, secretaries etc. If you have any time at all to offer (often during school hours), we would love your help.

Contact: Glenda Barton

200 Club

If you are short of time, one very simple way you can support the school is by joining the 200 Club.
From as little as £1 per month you can have a quarterly chance of winning either £100, £50 or £25, with the remainder going directly into school funds.
This money is used to enhance our children’s education by providing art materials, science equipment, floodlights, audio-visual equipment, sports strips, technical equipment, and funding towards S6 Outward Bound and S1 Residentials and more.
Application forms can be downloaded from the website under ‘parent groups’ or contact Lucy MacLennan (01968 660389 / 07747 053470 ) It’s that simple! Just fill in a form and we put you in the hat!
If you are a parent, grandparent, former pupil, or simply a member of our community, we do have a trust fund set up for donations to the school.

Contact: Lucy MacLennan

Pupil Representation and Student Bodies

Student Council

The Peebles High School Student Council is intended to provide an opportunity for student’s to make their ideas and concerns known to members of the Senior Management Team of the School. The Student Council will aim to promote positive initiatives on the part of students in improving various aspects of the operation of the School.
The constitution of the Student Council sets out its purpose as:

  1. to provide a forum for the views of pupils
  2. to enable representatives of year groups to raise issues of concern to pupils
  3. to communicate priority issues and ideas to the School’s Senior Management Team
  4. to develop and implement initiatives for the benefit of pupils, the school and the wider community
  5. to respond to issues put to it by the School’s Senior Management Team or other bodies seeking the views of pupils in the school

In June of each year elections are held for new members to join the Student Council for the new academic year. The 1st year elections are held in early September. The application process is done through PSE lessons. One representative is sought from each House in each year group. Together with the new Head Boy and Head Girl and the House Captains, these will then become the 23 student members of the Student Council. The Head Boy and Head Girl will alternate as Chair and minute taker of the meetings. The Student Council is supported by a member of the Pastoral Care team who attends meetings and helps facilitate the process. A member of the school’s Senior Management team also attends the last 20 minutes of the Student Council meetings to give some immediate responses to issues raised.

The Student Council meets at least once a term, usually 5 times over the course of a typical school year. Pupils elected to the Student Council need to: prepare for each meeting by gathering any ideas or issues from pupils in their House year group; present these ideas, issues or suggestions at Council meetings and take part in any discussion of these and other matters raised at the meetings; and report back what has been agreed and discussed to their House year group via assemblies.

Our Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team

Rector : Campbell Wilson
Depute Rector : Paul Fagan (Head of Meldon House)
Depute Rector : Donna Moretta ( Head of Dunrig House)
Depute Rector : Jeremy Lee (Head of Cademuir House)
Depute Rector : Ian Sinclair
Business Manager : Andrea Hall

Principal Teachers, Curriculum

English : Karen Mooney
Mathematics : David Mackenzie
Modern Languages : Gerry Reville
Health and Wellbeing : Kirsty Williams
Sciences : Jim Reilly
Expressive Arts : Fiona Reed
Technologies : Neil Forsyth
Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies : Joan McFadyen
Business School : Carolyn Futty

Principal Teachers, Pastoral

Robert Armour; Wendy Cruickshank; Lianne Parker; Kirsteen Robertson; Scott Cockburn 

Principal Teachers, Additional Needs

Alan Stewart; Trish Timmins


Ruth Fry

Staff List

Carolyn Futty PT
Ian Smith
Ken Walker
Anne Delaney
Yvonne Brown


Margaret-Anne McAllister
Nicky Toneri
Fiona Reed PT
Mark Bisson
Jenny Campbell
Fraser Moffat
Colin Kemp
Ross Milligan
Ben Redman
Tracy Short
Mary Tweedie
Olivia Doherty
Hannah Davies
Karen Mooney PT
Simon Charles
Catherine Travis
Janette Conalty
Louise Armour
Mia Stewart
Claire Bowles
Stephanie Whitehead
Margaret Kinahan
Rachel Hyatt
Alex Wallis
David Mackenziie PT
Jan Gordon
Alison Russell
Mark Freeman
Lesley Hamblett
Alysoun Wilson
Jan Sheridan
Sam McHenry
Laura Deans
Gerry Reville PT
Irina Gancheva
David Keegan
Debbie Mackenzie
Debbie Taylor
Alan Stewart PT
Trish Timmins PT
Jacqui Allan
Gill Geddes
Clare Krabbe
Helena Adair
Lesley Morgan
David Winton
Rachael Cumming
Carole Day
Claire Duncan
Terry Dunthorne
Dianne Hill
Helen Hayes
Jan Innes
Shirley Jeffrey
Louise Lawrie
Angie MacDougall
Susan Moncur
Sara Napier
Sarah Raeburn
Sharon Runciman
Karen Scally
Dorothy Welander
Beth McGarvie

Joan McFadyen PT
Zara Fyfe


Jim Reilly PT
Jim Burrows
Iain Campbell
Karine Coenan
Sarah Hamilton
Alistair Huddleston
Paula Huddleston
Mandy Wren
Iona Minto
Sara Ashby
Jill Dewis
Lesley Johnson
Anne McKinnon


Gillian Smith
Sarah Meredith
Rhona Adams PT
Fiona Dunlop
Gary Moir
Simon Foster
Terry McColm
Adrian Moir
Neil Forsyth PT
Alan Travis
Alan MacLean
Adam Whatley
Elaine Andersen
Will Hynd
Alison Wilson
John Mackenzie
Roddy Gladstone
Carol McKay
Kirsten Williams PT
David Changleng
Susan Hunter
Robbie Lacon
Caroline Wallace
Euan Orr
Denise Dewar
Stacey Downie
Annette Lumsden
Elaine Potts
Caroline Barron
Juliet George
Karen Borthwick
Caroline Currie
Mhairi Frain
Helen Porteous
Caroline McDonald
Elaine Diggins
Neil Smith
Carol McKay

David Elliot
Derek Bean
Douglas Barnett

Hugh Harkness

Neil Smith


Ruth Fry

Neil Smith


John Allan, Osprey Youth Project, St Andrews Leckie Parish Church, Peebles
Rev. Jim Benton-Evans, St Peter’s and St James’ Episcopal Churches, Peebles and Innerleithen
Fr Basil Clark, St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, Peebles
Gordon & Laura Birss, Evangelical Church, Peebles
Rev. Dr Linda J Dunbar, West Linton Parish Church
Rev. Janice Faris, Innerleithen, Traquair, Walkerburn Churches
Rev. Ian Gray, Baptist Church, Peebles
Rev. Malcolm Jefferson, St Andrews Leckie Parish Church, Peebles
Rev. Calum McDougall, Peebles Old Parish & Eddleston
Rev. Bob Milne, Upper Tweeddale Churches